An always eco-friendly minimally pack made of glass, aluminium, or when necessary, in recyclable plastic (PET or HDPE). Boxes are printed on certified FSC paper.

NO aggressive surfactants (SLS, ALS, SLES), substances derived from petroleum, mineral oils, silicon, paraffin, synthetic fragrances and colors, GMO

All Esprit Equo products have obtained the CCPB certification, a strict and restrictive international standard that guarantees at least 95% of natural ingredients for each product.

Pleasant and highly tolerated formulas even for the most sensitive skins.

100% Made in Italy certified

Microbiological, dermatological and nickel tested.

Perfume of solidarity

We have chosen to develop our formulations favoring raw materials produced respecting environmental sustainability and the dignity of those who produce them. The price of the raw materials is established by the producers based on the real cost of production of the raw materials and the labor employed. Often this price includes a small percentage, an award, used in community development projects; local, according to the principles of Fair Trade. For us, choosing these products means enhancing and preserving an environmental and cultural heritage that would risk being lost, it means offering job opportunities in difficult areas and allowing even small producers to access the market.

Organic and fair trade argan oil from Morocco