olio di argan


All our products are inspired by oriental cosmetics traditions, especially from Morocco, in the rediscovery of ancient beauty rituals, handed down from the past, from mother to daughter.

burro di karitè


They are formulated with natural active ingredients that come from wonderful and sometimes rare plants and perfumed with delicate fragrances only of natural origin.
The raw materials we buy come from organic farming. They are the result of the work of small producers or companies that promote social projects in respect of work and the dignity of people. They are purchased on fair terms and through direct and continuous business relationships.

A clear desire for consistency: we choose raw materials resulting from the work of small producers or companies that promote social projects, respecting work and the dignity of people. They are purchased on fair terms and through direct and continuous business relationships.


They are made in a small Italian laboratory, specialized in organic cosmetics, careful to study formulations that are not always innovative, but always suitable even for the most delicate skin types.

burro di karitè


They are subjected to dermatological tests, clinical trials for evaluation of safety, efficacy and the CCPB special certification scheme for organic cosmetics to guarantee more transparency towards the consumer. 

Cosmetici biologici

CCPB analyses every formulations, controls the entire supply chain for each ingredient and the production process. 

In order to be called Organic, a cosmetic product has to contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients: in the production it is not possible to use derivatives from petroleum: paraffin, formaldehyde and colourants of synthetic origin.
Organic Cosmetics do not contain Gmos or synthetic perfumes.


They are packaged in an environmentally friendly packaging, with FSC certified paper, in glass or completely recyclable PET. Always attentive to the most innovative proposals for green packaging, some of our products are in complete recycled glass.


They are sold at a "fair" price that reflects always a quality choice and the work of all the people who are part of the supply chain.

ethical beauty
cosmetici biologici