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  • For our health. The skin, the largest organ of the human body, is permeable. This means that the
    cosmetic products we apply enter our body faster and more directly than by ingestion. It is
    imperative to avoid all potentially harmful substances and to choose healthy and non-toxic products,
    especially if they are in direct contact with the skin.
  • Important studies and scientific research show us the increasing use of synthetic ingredients, not
    dermatologically compatible and often harmful to the skin.
  • Vegetable substances have always been used for their benefits or the specificity of their active
    ingredient. Their effects on our body have been known for thousands of years. On the other hand,
    many recently discovered chemicals may have adverse effects that are not yet fully known and have
    not been tested over time.
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  • The plants used are grown without pesticides and only biodegradable ingredients are used in the
    processing processes.
  • Small companies that produce organic cosmetics engage in sustainable development through the
    use of environmentally friendly materials, reduced packaging and eco-friendly packaging.


  • Today's consumer is a demanding consumer, demanding the best in efficiency, safety and quality.
    Today, organic cosmetics meet these expectations through a continuous search for ingredients and
    formulations to find natural solutions, sustainable and technologically irreproachable.
ethical beauty
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