Protect your skin against
the elements in the city

Bio-Aging treatment day and night.

A recent study points out the link between atmospheric pollution and premature skin ageing. People living in very populous cities have lower levels of vitamin E and squalene in sebum compared to those living in rural areas. Pollutants can cause cellular damage, dryness, inflammation and pigmentation, which are strong signs of premature skin ageing.

argan evolution

This is why we thought of a specific antige line consisting of two serums, bothbased on Argan oil:

trattamento anti pollution giorno

1) Daily defence anti pollution serum:

A unique anti-aging formula. The skin stays hydrated and protected longer and looks healthier and morevibrant. Hyaluronic Acid: On different molecular weights for long-lasting penetration, has a moisturizing and antiaging action. DS- Phytosphingosine: naturally occurring skin-identical skin care compound, improve the skin barrier from the stress of aggressive external agents and pollution.

trattamento antipollution notte

2) Advanced night repair revitalising serum

Accelerates skin cell turnover, stimulating a new synthesis of collagen to replenish skin tone and fight the signs of aging.